About Me

My name is Alexander

Welcome to my shop. Here is where I will introduce myself briefly and tell you all about my art.

"Use what you have and serve the people around you"

This is what I aim to do and what is always my motivation. I got married in summer of 2023 and asked myself: How can I provide for my family better and create value for the people around me? And so I looked at myself and my talents and saw that I can produce art and sell it to the world via the internet. Always since Kindergarten I was active in creative ways. It never left my life. After school I wanted to become a tattoo artist but eventually decided to go to university and study art & communication design. How to communicate to people via design and visual expressions. This led me to my masters degree in automotive design that I finished in 2019 in Turin, Italy. The time in italy left a deep impact on my life. Italy as the center of culture and art gave me motivation to bring these aesthetics also to ordinary places like restaurants, hotels, offices, your AirBnB or simply your home.

My Art